Kurt and Pam are truly a story of opposites attract.  Kurt was from a town of 63 in Nebraska and Pam grew up a military brat.


When we met in 1979 it was almost an instant attraction - sort of like two magnets. (or maybe oil and vinegar) 


Years later Kurt and I went on a trip to Alaska.  We saw a McKenna Ryan quilt called "At Home InThe Woods."  Kurt suggested that I make it as a remembrance of our trip. I said, "Only if you help!  Those quilts take a lot of time."  That was the beginning of our quilting journey together.

I taught Kurt to quilt and soon he was off and running.  Before we knew it there were two of everything. Two sewing machines, two stashes of fabric and two different styles of quilting. Kurt buys fabric just in case it works on one of his projects.  Pam buys fabric by the project keeping it all together in one place.  Kurt's sewing table is a mess, while Pam's is a bit too tidy.  We have come to realize that we do everything differently when it comes to quilting and almost everything else in life!

This difference has led to a unique perspective in our quilting.  There is both traditional and non-traditional quilting.  We both have a very different style when it comes to color, design, quilting, well, almost everything.  


We truly are a Dynamic Duo and we can't wait to bring our superpowers to your guild.

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